All The Homeschool Science You’ll Ever Need: Greg Landry’s Homeschool Science Membership

Greg Landry, homeschool dad and published researcher, has been teaching science for over twenty years. In this time, he has developed his own curriculum for just about every K-12 science subject there is. And now you can access them all for one low monthly price!

Online Homeschool Science Curriculum

Since I began homeschooling in 2010, I've seen an explosion in the number of available online and digital resources for homeschool families. Nothing could make me happier.

Digital curriculum is space and cost efficient. In an age where most kids have computers and other personal devices, accessing online content is easier than ever.

And now, Greg Landry, owner of Homeschool Science has released a brand new Homeschool Science Membership!

Every class Greg has available (and more that are soon to come) are included in this one-price membership. Once you join, you'll have access to science curriculum that will cover all the homeschoolers in your home!

Online Science Courses for High School Credit

The Homeschool Science Membership includes video classes and PDF textbooks for the following full-year, 1 credit high school level classes:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Physics

Also included are these one-semester 0.25 credit video classes and PDF textbooks:

  • Exercise & Sports Physiology
  • Marine Science
  • Biochemistry & Microbiology
  • Embryology & Endocrinology
  • Earth & Space Science

The lessons are highly interactive and the PDF textbooks and resources are professional, full-color eye-catching diagrams and illustrations.

Online Virtual Science Labs

If your student is taking full-credit high school courses, it's important to include lab work and lab report experience with their curriculum. Even though the Homeschool Science Membership is entirely digital and online, Greg Landry has you covered for lab work!

Included in the membership is access to the self-paced online, fully interactive online laboratory!

You'll also be able to download PDF Lab Manuals for:

  • Biology, Anatomy & Physiology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

You can see a full list of the virtual experiments available in the lab work for each course.

Online Science Courses for Younger Students

But the Homeschool Science Membership goes beyond high school curriculum. Greg Landry also offers courses for younger students!

  • Young Scientist Anatomy & Physiology
  • Young Scientist Biology
  • Young Scientist Chemistry
  • Young Scientist Physics
  • Young Scientist Earth & Space

And coming soon (fall of 2022):

  • Building a Science Foundation for Youngsters
  • The Amazing Human Body
  • The Heavens and the Earth
  • Floating a Boat & Other Cool Stuff

Free Resources from Greg Landry

If this sounds at all interesting to you and you'd like to take a look at Greg's resources and sample his teaching, I recommend you check out the free resources he offers.

100 Families Receive This Price

The first 100 families to join the Homeschool Science Membership will lock in a decreasing fee structure - the monthly price actually goes down the longer you are a member! New items are added to the membership each month. Now is a great time to check out this membership opportunity!


Lynna Sutherland is a homeschool mother of eight always-homeschooled kiddos ranging in age from high school to kindergarten. She loves to encourage parents in the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling and offer creative ways to manage a large family and a multi-age homeschool!

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