Hi there, friend! I'm Lynna Sutherland, mother of eight always-homeschooled kiddos ages high school to preschool. As we grow in our parenting, we realize that there are a lot fewer "shoulds" and "musts" than we once believed. This can be incredibly freeing, but also daunting and even terrifying as we wonder how, in the face of our new-found freedom, we'll ever know if we're doing it "right" or if we're just careening sloppily towards imminent failure!

I believe that there are as many "right" ways to homeschool and parent as there are families and homeschools! If you're struggling, it's probably not because you're doing it "wrong". You just need some new ideas, a hearty dose of supportive encouragement, and likely some of both!

Your Large Family Homeschool is here to broaden your perspective and provide you with a rich and luscious buffet of parenting and homeschooling ideas to encourage you in whatever shape your family takes.

Lynna Sutherland Media

Lynna Sutherland Media is a family of sites designed to help parents find freedom, support, and encouragement in their unique journeys.

In addition to writing at Your Large family homeschool, Lynna is the host of the Sibling Relationship Lab podcast and author of many gospel-centered parenting articles. She is the creator of the Sibling Opposition Solution course designed to help parents navigate sibling conflict with grace and wisdom. She is also the author of the Sibling Investigations Devotions used by families to discuss how the gospel shapes relationships in the home and out of it.

Lynna is also a Certified Parenting Coach and offers free consultations as well as ongoing coaching to answer your parenting questions.

Lynna graduated Magna Cum Laude from Randolp-Macon College with a B.A. in Latin and Education, and was the recipient of the Robert Eppes Jones prize in Classics. She taught Latin club in a public elementary school, and ran her own online high school Latin website and class, starting back in 2005 before online learning was broadly popular. And now she has had the privilege to teach Latin to her own children at every level – from preschool through high school!

Homeschool Latin Help supports parents in choosing Latin curriculum and implementing it successfully in their homeschools ... even if they don't have a background in Latin!

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