Did you know that you can homeschool math for free with just a library card, an internet connection, and a printer? It's true!

There's just one problem: TIME

Pretty much everything you could ever need to homeschool your child is available out there online. The only problem is you have to be the one to search for it, download it ... and then find it again when it's time to print and use it!

What if you had access to a collection of all of the best free resources, carefully curated by experienced educators?


Homeschool Family Math covers every single math topic from beginning number sense through pre-algebra.

Over 150 specific topics organized by math stream and developmental age grouping

Perfect for exploring math concepts with multiple ages at the same time

Removes the limitation of grade level and enables a developmental approach to math learning

What's Included?

Each math topic is an "Exploration". Under each Exploration you will find links to:

  • Our favorite kid-friendly visual explainer videos

  • Recommendations of living books and literature that explore the math skill or concept

  • Hands-on activities to facilitate dynamic engagement with math learning

  • Printable activities and games that provide math practice beyond the traditional workbook approach

  • Online games and apps to develop math fluency and mastery with self-checking practice

  • Songs and poems that use both sides of the brain to integrate math concepts

  • Online quizzes and self-grading digital reviews

  • Our suggestions for board games and math manipulatives that are worth purchasing if you have a little extra in your budget

  • Resources to give you, the homeschool parent, suggestions for explaining tricky math concepts

  • Record keeping spreadsheet or printable PDF to track individual student progress

  • Comment threads for extra help and resource requests

Homeschool Family Math makes the perfect companion to any math curriculum or can be used as a stand-alone resource to teach any student from preschool through pre-algebra!

All 150 topics students need to master to be ready for high school math can be categorized into six "Streams" of learning:

  • Number Sense

  • Computation

  • Measurement

  • Geometry

  • Statistics

  • Algebra

Each Exploration lays out learning goals so you'll know exactly what your child needs to understand and demonstrate to master the skills and concepts.

A Quick-Links Menu at the top of each exploration enables you to jump right to the resources you find most helpful.

We didn't include every resource we could find. Instead, we took the time to evaluate and curate only the very best so that you can skip the decision fatigue and get right to learning!

Many Explorations include exclusive printables and activities designed specifically for Homeschool Family Math - you won't find them anywhere else online!


one-time price

  • All current resources and all new resources added
  • One payment for lifetime access (no recurring fees!)
  • "Living" curriculum updated regularly


Do I have to purchase the resources recommended in Homeschool Family Math separately?

No! Everything we link to is available for free either inside the program or elsewhere online. Books can be found at your local library or sometimes we include links to the stories read on video!

We do include a small section in each Exploration of optional recommended purchases (board games and math manipulatives) but these are not necessary to fully engage the math topic or assess understanding.

Can't I just search for these resources online for free?

Yes and no. Yes, (almost all of) the resources we list inside Homeschool Family Math are free online. (That's the whole idea!)

The primary services we are offering you are time-saving, decision-making, and organization. If your time is worth $20 and you think you'd likely spend more than two hours searching for math review or learning resources over the course of your child's K-8 education, this product is worth the price!

We've also taken the guesswork out of resource curation. Not only do we eliminate the endless Google scrolling, but we've also vetted each item we recommend. You can save all of your brain cells for helping your students to engage in interactive math learning!

Homeschool Family Math care of storage and organization for you. Resources are linked by topic so you don't have to keep folders full of PDFs on your computer or create dozens of bookmarks in your web browser to keep track of the things you need to find later.

Additionally, Homeschool Family Math is designed to be everything you need for a full math curriculum if you choose to use it that way. Explorations detail learning goals and our spreadsheet or printable PDF record-keeping tools help you to track learning for each individual student.

Need help explaining a math concept your child is stuck on? Comment on the Exploration and we'll give you pointers, recommend a resource, or even create a new printable to suit the need!

What grade level is Homeschool Family Math designed for?

Homeschool Family Math is designed to enable you to explore math concepts with your child in tune with their developmental readiness. Homeschool Family Math can be used with any child who is ready to learn to count and covers all of the topics your child will need to prepare for high school math courses (Algebra I and beyond).

Are the topics in Homeschool Family Math organized by grade level?

No. We want you to be able to focus on your child's developmental readiness rather than a prescribed grade-level that may or may not fit your child's unique learning needs.

However, we do classify explorations by general grade range so you can have an idea of which ones are likely to be a good fit for your child:

  • Level A (approximately K-2)
  • Level B (approximately 3-5)
  • Level C (approximately 6-8)

Can I really teach children in multiple grades at one time with Homeschool Family Math?

One of the wonderful things about hands-on learning is that it greatly expands the range of ages and developmental levels able to engage new concepts.

We include resources inside Homeschool Family Math to help you understand how this might work in practice, but a general example might look like this:

Include children of three different grade levels in a clay- or playdough-cutting activity to explore the concept of fractions. Extend the learning with the two older children by helping them to represent visual fraction models with numbers. Finally, challenge the oldest child to explore comparing different fractions with models and on paper.

Do I need a separate Homeschool Family Math membership for each child in our homeschool?

Nope! You, the homeschool parent, are the primary user of Homeschool Family Math. You can use it for as many children in your own home as you would like for as many years as it suits your needs!


one-time price

  • All current resources and all new resources added
  • One payment for lifetime access (no recurring fees!)
  • "Living" curriculum updated regularly