Facts that Stick

Sure you could just drill those math facts with flashcards. And some of them might stick. If you have a visually oriented child, he might memorize the shapes of the number sentences. If you have an auditory child, she might learn the rhythm and cadence of the repeated sounds.

But we want more than that, don’t we? We want the facts to stick – not because we’ve come up with cool memory tricks, but because our kids have had hands-on experience and practice with the numbers and have seen and felt how they fit together and come apart. We want math to be something that sticks because it’s something we’ve played with, because we know the feel of it in our hands and in our minds!

I “met” Kate Snow because we’re both contributing writers for Pam Barnhill’s blog. (You can see some of her great guest posts here!) You can also find her blogging over at Kate’s Homeschool Math Help. She’s a former fifth-grade math teacher and curriculum developer, now a homeschool mom! She says she’s …

… on a mission to help parents raise kids who are capable and confident at math (and have some fun in the process, too)!

Kate’s books have been published by Well-Trained Mind press, which also hosts her Fractions that Make Sense course and other video courses for math teachers and homeschool parents. She has written two fantastic books for engaging kids in exploring addition and subtraction facts: Addition Facts that Stick and Subtraction Facts that Stick!

Each of these books breaks down a simple yet engaging approach to teaching basic math facts. They outline 6 to 8-week plans for introducing concepts and facts logically, encompassed by practice and play to explore those facts and gain a meaningful understanding of what they mean. You’ll find …

  • Ideas for explaining the concepts
  • Games to play to practice the facts
  • Printable game boards and practice pages

New Volumes!

Since I wrote this review, Kate has published two new volumes of her series: Multiplication Facts that Stick and Division Facts that Stick!


Lynna Sutherland is a homeschool mother of eight always-homeschooled kiddos ranging in age from high school to kindergarten. She loves to encourage parents in the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling and offer creative ways to manage a large family and a multi-age homeschool!

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