At Your Large Family Homeschool, we believe there are as many "right" ways to homeschool as there are sizes and shapes of large families. If you're feeling stuck, it probably isn't because you're doing it "wrong". You likely just need some fresh ideas, some supportive encouragement, and usually a little bit of both!

We're here to support you in finding the best fit for you and your kids and to build your confidence in making those unique decisions for your own family!

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In our first years of homeschooling when all of the kids were smaller, it was easy to do all of the homeschooling myself. We read things together. The older kids

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We've been using Teaching Textbooks for several years now and it's been a great fit for our large family homeschool. But 2020 presented some new challenges for everyone, including the

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If you'd ask me a year ago if I was the type to plan my school year over the summer, I would have said, "No way!" That sounded completely overwhelming

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Recent Large Family Living Articles

When I was a teen, I did lots of babysitting for my siblings and other families. My youngest brother was born when I was sixteen, and I even got to

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I've written previously about why we aren't "Trusting God" with the size of our family. I've also written about how to decide if you should have another baby. But today,

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"You decide. It's up to you. Whatever you say is what we'll do. I just can't handle the stress of making this decision myself! If you say we should have

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Has anyone ever told you "We are trusting God with the size of our family"? Did you agree? Did you feel a little shamed or confused?I love being a mother

Why We Aren’t “Trusting God” with Our Family Size