At Your Large Family Homeschool, we believe there are as many "right" ways to homeschool as there are sizes and shapes of large families. If you're feeling stuck, it probably isn't because you're doing it "wrong". You likely just need some fresh ideas, some supportive encouragement, and usually a little bit of both!

We're here to support you in finding the best fit for you and your kids and to build your confidence in making those unique decisions for your own family!

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Share 0 Tweet 0 Pin 0 It’s summer time and there are so many opportunities for fun … and so many opportunities to spend money! Is your tween a spender, or a saver? Does your tween blow through money as soon as it hits her hand? Or does he hoard it, afraid to spend because

Before Personal Finance: A Simple and Fun Tool for Teaching Money Management

Planning a homeschool graduation is a lot like planning a wedding. There are a million different things you could do. And thousands of different things people have done. But there really isn’t much you have to do. In fact, there is no law that says you have to have a graduation ceremony at all. Basically, homeschool

A Simple Homeschool Graduation Ceremony

Here’s a question I like to ask homeschool moms.Which is the greatest limiting factor for you?A. TimeB. MoneyC. EnergyA lot of moms answer “D – all of the above!” I get it! Resources are tight and there’s only so many ways to creatively rearrange your budget and your schedule to try to cover all the

April Showers Homeschool Giveaway

We hear frequently about the dangers of screen time. But there are also some pretty amazing benefits to screen time. One of my favorites is that it provides and simple, inexpensive (sometimes free!) way for kids to engage and practice math skills on their own. Here are some excellent math learning apps for a wide range

20+ Best Educational Math Learning Apps for Kids

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It takes a lot to run a household and keep track of everyone's schedule. That responsibility only grows when you're a homeschool mom and you carry the primary responsibility for

Household Management Simplified with the Beehive Parenting App

When I was a teen, I did lots of babysitting for my siblings and other families. My youngest brother was born when I was sixteen, and I even got to

Valuable Life Skills vs Suffocating Responsibility: How to Tell the Difference

I've written previously about why we aren't "Trusting God" with the size of our family. I've also written about how to decide if you should have another baby. But today,

Should We Keeping Having More Kids and Just Trust God to Provide?

"You decide. It's up to you. Whatever you say is what we'll do. I just can't handle the stress of making this decision myself! If you say we should have

Should We Have Another Baby?!? Thoughts to Help You Process the Dilemma